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Jan Walters, Author 4.67 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
Jan Walters, Author

Red Sunset Drive
by Jan Walters


"How am I going to get out of this mess?"


Events go from bad to worse for Detective Brett O'Shea when Lisa Winslow, the love of his life, leaves for St. Louis to check out a job offer, and his new case involves a string of women murdered by a supposed vampire running loose in Des Moines. Dragos Eldridge meets Brett and his childhood friend Candy on Halloween night. Candy and Dragos hit it off immediately. One thing leads to the next and Brett learns that Dragos is not your ordinary vampire. In fact, he wants to help Brett and Michael O'Shea, the ghost of Brett's great-grandfather, find the vampire who is responsible for his altered form and the murdered women. What could possibly go wrong with a detective, a ghost, and a vampire on the case? More than they anticipate, especially when Candy gets involved.

Walters' latest tale takes readers on a quirky detective adventure into the paranormal. The second book in the A Ghost and A Cop series, Walters' plot is once again brimming with a colorful cast. As with her first book, York Street, Walters' style of noir is a unique blend of mystery and thriller peppered with just the right amount of comedy and romance. Equally important are her choice of characters and the way she adds human qualities to her protagonists, antagonists, and a flurry of foils. Combining her one-of-a-kind writing style with detailed character development creates an engaging and riveting storyline. Walters also makes sure to keep her narrative flowing by alternating character scenes and closing chapters with cliffhangers. Red Sunset Drive is action-packed and filled with unexpected everything—a perfect read for mystery and paranormal enthusiasts.



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