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  • Red Sunset Drive: A Ghost and Cop Series

    Red Sunset Drive is the second book in the ‘Ghost and a Cop Series’.


  • York Street by Jan Walters

    York Street: A Ghost and Cop Series

    The story left me ready for more adventures with all the characters. I look forward to the next book from this author - Kelly Stuhr, Senior Des Moines Police Officer

    Check out our York Street video[click here]

  • Believe

    Believe is a romantic fiction/time travel set in the Victorian Era. This time travel romance is set apart from other novels in that both the heroine and the villain travel back to 1870 England. Believe is a story of second chances; a second chance for love and life. Do you Believe in second chances?

    In this romance novel, Ann Roberts finds herself in 1870 England and meets her soul mate, but must deal with a stalker who travels back in time with her.