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Believe is a romantic fiction/time travel set in the Victorian Era. This time travel romance is set apart from other novels in that both the heroine and the villain travel back to 1870 England. Believe is a story of second chances; a second chance for love and life. Do you Believe in second chances?

In this romance novel, Ann Roberts finds herself in 1870 England and meets her soul mate, but must deal with a stalker who travels back in time with her.

The moment Ann Roberts —a divorced mother of two grown children—spots the decrepit-looking bookstore, her life is turned upside down. Having a kinship with the past and unable to deny the allure of an antique bookstore, Ann ventures inside. She feels compelled to purchase an old album—titled Lady O’Neil’s Memoirs—that coincidentally carries her great-grandmother’s surname and chronicles the history of a prominent English family in the nineteenth century. Soon, her nights become haunted with dreams of the handsome man, Patrick O’Neil, pictured in the book.

Ann’s life further unravels when she breaks off a relationship with her coworker David Stewart, who begins stalking her with deadly intent. During an attack and unbeknownst to each other, both Ann and David are hurdled back in time to 1870 England.When Ann regains awareness in Patrick’s home, he discovers her and believes she is his missing fiancée, Victoria Montgomery. Assuming she will return home at any moment, Ann reluctantly assumes the persona of Victoria and finds herself with an unscrupulous father, William, and a bounder named Malcolm for a brother. As the marriage approaches, indecision and fear tear her apart. When Ann comes face-to-face with David, however, she decides to trust in Patrick.

Their love is tested as they attempt to outwit fate that threatens to return Ann to the twentieth-first century.

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