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Red Sunset Drive: A Ghost and Cop Series

Red Sunset Drive is the second book in the ‘Ghost and a Cop Series’.


During a construction project near the junction of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers, underground tunnels and Indian relics are discovered. The resulting archeological dig unearths a hidden cave and two mysterious tombs. Strange Romanian writing is carved upon the tombs. Detective Brett O’Shea receives a call after it appears that one of the tombs has been opened. The archeologist in charge of the site, whose relative was the commander at the original Ft. Des Moines, contacts the police when he discovers an body part in the cave.

Det. O’Shea is reluctant to investigate the strange events at the dig site, especially after the horrific murder case he solved last year. He had been a street cop when the ghost of his great grandfather, Michael O’Shea, showed up and dragged him into catching a serial killer. A killer who was possessed by a demon! Detective O’Shea was forced into accepting that ghosts and demons exist, but he refuses to acknowledge that other paranormal entities exist.

When two prostitutes are found with their throats ripped apart, Det. O’Shea is forced to acknowledge that Des Moines may have another serial killer. He just isn’t sure what kind of killer he is up against. Michael, the ghost, returns and offers Brett assistance in solving the case. No one is what they seem to be on Red Sunset Drive.