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York Street: A Ghost and Cop Series

The story left me ready for more adventures with all the characters. I look forward to the next book from this author - Kelly Stuhr, Senior Des Moines Police Officer

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Brett O’Shea is a young street cop in Des Moines trying to make detective. He works by the book and doesn’t believe in hocus-pocus. When a killer begins terrorizing the streets of his city, Brett is forced to alter his view of the paranormal world when a ghost appears in his bedroom.Al is an irreverent, rule-breaking ghost, and his appearance forces Brett to reassess all his no-nonsense beliefs. Logic goes right out the window when Al offers to help catch the man terrorizing the city as well as solve the murder of his detective grandfather in 1933. It soon becomes apparent the killer lurking in the dark corners of Des Moines has strange capabilities. Brett and Al are on a supernatural roller coaster, and they find danger at every turn. How is Brett supposed to stop a killer with otherworldly powers, and what does the murderer have to do with his grandfather? To save the city, Brett and Al must become a half dead crime fighting duo or lose everything.

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