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US Review of Books – Tempest Court

Tempest Court: A Ghost and A Cop Series
by Jan Walters
Fulton Books


book review by Michael Radon


“Fear clawed at her throat. Her muscles refused to obey. Scream, fight! Her mind raged. Don’t just stand there!”

What would be abnormal by anyone else’s standards has become run-of-the-mill for Brett O’Shea. After partnering with the spirits of the deceased, including his own great-grandfather’s, and fighting against monsters, not much fazes him, though he remains vigilant (some might say paranoid) at all times. When an Egyptian art exhibit arrives in Des Moines, Brett is there with his love, Lisa, to support their friend who put it together. But part of this exhibit includes a mummy that is more than meets the eye, and this installation becomes a nemesis of Brett’s, one capable of wielding powerful magic and hell-bent on everlasting life. Dark priests, ancient spellbooks, and unexpected allies from a trip to Morocco are all crucial elements to unraveling this mummy mystery and keeping Brett and his partners safe from evil.

Doing more than just plugging in a different “monster of the week” into each installment, this third entry in the author’s series provides a lot of unique flavor. The ever-growing cast of characters is a benefit as long-time partners have a more natural style of banter that keeps the scenes varied and interesting. Action scenes are brisk, and the gloomy atmosphere of evil magic is perfectly supernatural, staying true to the identity of this series that sets it apart from the typical crime thriller. Brett may come off as high-strung or cold to new readers, but by the end of this book, the character that fans of his have come to know and love shines through with many positive qualities. With many adventures in the rear-view mirror and seemingly more on the horizon, readers that like a little magic with their murder mysteries will be more than satisfied with this latest offering.

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